AirPlanes Bikes Sleds

Hello Mate; do you have an Airplane with Floats or a Snowmobile or a Motorbike and you are totally affected by our Ontario weather? Bummer, then we are here to help you salvage your life!
1) Ensure that the weather is optimal for your ride in and out.
2) Reserve On-Line AFTER 18:00 hours, and Only ONE (1) Day before your arrival date.
3) Reserve Maximum 2 Nights.
4) In the Comments bar of the Reservation Write in:
a. Plane “arriving time”, 30% off, help, please and thank you.
b. Sled “arriving time”, 30% off, help, please and thank you.
c. Bike “arriving time”, 30% off, help, please and thank you.
5) After you Reserve, when we receive the confirmation at the Front Desk we will apply the Discount to your Invoice.
6) Show us your Motorbike or Sled when you arrive. We will hear the plane and help you dock.
7) If you choose to pack light, and not to wear a Tie for Dinner, then you may have room service.
8) No cash value, cannot be used with any other Resort Vouchers and No Free Spa.
9) Cancelling an existing reservation to access this Offer is not allowed.
10) And as always, since we are a very small resort, Limited Availability.