Couples Resort installs Solar Thermal Panels to Offsets Rising Energy Costs

February 2011 - Algonquin Park, Ontario - The Couples Resort Inc.

John Sorensen, family owner of The Couples Resort, Algonquin Park, Ontario, said:
"As higher energy costs continue to wage war on our pocketbooks with no end in sight we had to seek alternative ways of heating the swimming pool during the summer and offsetting domestic water heating costs during the other seasons, without increasing room rates."

Back in early 2009, The Couples Resort with the help of General Contractor and certified solar installer, Dave Gatley of Gatley Design and Build Construction, started the process at looking at greener ways to offset rising energy cost.

The Couples Resort, would implement the Solar Thermal Collector as this had three major advantages over the existing system.

Solar HeatingFirst, the solution is economic in both its initial capital requirements, as existing government rebates and incentive are available, and its low annual running costs. Typical systems can reduce hot water heating costs by 50% and within a cost structure that offers consumers a payback period in the 7-10 year range.

Second, solar water heating solution is a fully integrated, low-maintenance heating system, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and expenses during the life-cycle of the existing buildings and pool.

Thirdly, solar hot water systems are much less carbon intensive, being responsible for fewer CO2 emissions annually. Creating a carbon footprint reduction of 48 tons of GHG per year.

Construction began in March 2010 with the deadline of getting up and running before summer season pool opening May 21, 2010. The chosen supplier, Blackstone Solar Inc.

The System will incorporate 6 - 119 gallon (450 L) storage tanks and 24 - 30 tube Solar Thermal Collectors or Solar Evacuated Tube which are ideal for all business, commercial and industrial applications. This system offers an excellent solution for the Couples Resort to harness the full potential of solar thermal energy to heat buildings, pool and domestic water.  The system is designed to expand so that the Couples Resort can reduce their overall heating cost by 50% in some buildings.

As well as creating a  total carbon foot print reduction of 48 tons of GHG per year or 960 tons of Green house Gas reduction over the systems lifespan, which equates to taking 160 cars off the road and planting over 240 acres of trees.

About The Couples Resort

The Couples Resort is a romantic 44 room/cabins 5 Star Luxury Resort situated on the shores of Galeairy Lake and the Madawaska River, with Algonquin Park as our backyard. Equipped with endless Recreational opportunities, a full Organic Spa the Couples Resort is the only Certified 5 Star Resort on a Lake in the province of Ontario, Canada and it is surrounded with breathtaking wilderness, pure fresh air, secluded forests, pristine waters, an abundance of sunny days and a blanket of stars at night.

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