Eco Friendly Resort

The Algonquin Spa is 100% Organic and 100% Solar Powered:

  • Only 100% Organic Towels and
  • Products for facials, wraps and body molding are all Eminence Brand - 100% Organic.
  • The Solar Panels on-site provide 100% of the Algonquin Spa's power requirements.
  • Only wool carpets or bamboo flooring as a Renewable Resource.

Room Service Delivery / Maintenance / Cleaners / Gardeners / Sport Centre / Hot tub Inspectors use a fleet of 8 Electric Golf Carts Firewood is used in 60 fireplaces throughout the Couples Resort and Adventure Lodge. Firewood is Carbon Neutral compared to Natural Gas or Propane which is Carbon producing.

The "Bear Trail" Dining Room at Couples Resort, Algonquin Park:
We produce vegetable food products on site.
All organic kitchen waste is composted and used in our gardens.
No pesticides are used in our vegetable gardens or flower gardens.


Currently we use a significant amount of LED and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

Sports Center uses 4 stroke Toys instead of the old 2 strokes. 4 Stroke motor boats and a Tige Water Ski/Wakeboard Boat. 2 Strokes are known for spewing oil into the environment, where as 4 strokes are like cars and contain the oil.

Please note that our Township of South Algonquin does not have a BLUE BOX system in place. However they do recycle all Metals and all toxic paints and batteries with special days. All Bottles that are left out in rooms are collected by cleaners and deposited for a refund.



New 3200 square foot Eco-staff subsidized housing with R30 walls and R60 Ceiling.  

New Walk-in Freezer and Fridge; ellimination of 80 Amps of Current by removing old equipment.

1) We are a mini-meadow land, as our land has gone back to tall grass.  Cutting grass research estimates that the emissions from lawn maintenance can be four times or 400% greater than the amount of carbon stored in grass. Elliminate the grass cutting and benefit exchanging carbon for oxygen.
2) Increase R value in Roof of Main Lodge from R-40 to R-60 for savings of Heat and Air Conditioners.

TESLA and Electric Car Charging Stations, free of charge for overnight guests.


Increasing R value in Roof of Junior Building and Exotic Building and Laundry Building from R-40 to R-60 for savings of Heat and Air Conditioners.

Added Carbon neutral to the Adventure Lodge.  Added 2 wood-fired boilers to the Adventure Lodge and removed 50,000 litres of Carbon Producing Propane-Gas yearly from Adventure Lodge usage.  

Led lighting throughout the Bear Trail Dining Room,  
Led lighting externally on Master's Building and light posts by top parking lot to the wood shed.
Carbon Neutral Wood Burning High Efficiency Furnace installed at Adventure Lodge

Built a 2nd; 2500 sq ft Eco-Staff Building for staff as subsidized housing.  R34 Walls, R60 Ceiling, only LED lights, High Efficiency Propane heat Floor. 2 Tier low flush toilets.

Result for 1st 2500 sq ft Staff house of 8 rooms = $450 per month Energy (from all sources) consumed over the full 12 months. Which is 1/22nd of what a guest room consumes.
New Wool ( a Renewable Resource) Carpets in our 17 Jr Suites.
Hooked up Main "Bear Trail" Dining Room to Thermal Water Panels
Built 1st; 2500 sq ft Eco-Staff Building for staff as subsidized housing.  R34 Walls, R60 Ceiling, only LED lights, High Efficiency Propane heat Floor. 2 Tier low flush toilets.


Another 1/4 of our driveway resurfaced and recycled.
Wool Carpets in the Dining Rooms
Wool Carpets in the 6 Exotic Rooms
8 Solar Thermal Panels on our sister lodge, the Adventure Lodge
10 KW of Photo Voltaic panels at the Couples Resort.
10 KW of Photo Voltaic panels at the Adventure Lodge.


Installed new into The Algonquin Spa: Bamboo Flooring and Wool Carpets.
Installed new throught the Resort: 26 new GREEN Canadian Made 15” Cushion Euro Top Beds

All mattresses are incased in a anti bed bug sealed sleeve

Installed new: Bamboo flooring in all 9 Grand Cabins at our sister Lodge, the Adventure Lodge

Installed new: 24 Solar Panels at the Couples Resort are now providing power to offset hot water usage in our most Opulent accommodations: the Master's Junior Suites and in our Salt Water Swimming Pool. We are seeing offsetting costs to Oil Consumption. Oil is used here at quite a substantial higher price than natural gas as natural gas is unavalable to us.

The old 1999 maintenace truck was taken away to be recycled and a new 2010 was purchased which will greatly reduce carbon emissions, by its new technologies.

Re-paving was completed on 1/4 of our driveway in the spring of 2010 and the old surface was taken away to be recycled.

Thank you and enjoy your Nature's Paradise Resort, Sincerely John Sorensen for the Team