What is COUPLES RESORT's SEMI-FORMAL  dress code for the Dining room at Evening Dinner Time?

Please note that our dining room is 1st Class and Elegant and guests MUST dress up at Night.
Most guests are celebrating a "special night" be it birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, milestone etc. 
Remember it is 100% just about the 2 of you!

MEN a Tie, Collared Dress Shirt, long or short, Proper Dress Pants, Dress Shoes,  is a minimum.
A Jacket is Optional.  In the winter a dress sweater can work instead of a jacket.
WOMEN; Proper CockTail Party dress(es) attire is required as a minimum.

Talking on Phones. Wearing Golf Shirts, Non-dress pants including Jeans and Khakis, Shorts, Sandals, Flip Flops and Running Shoes. One may have Room Service if one does not want to meet the Couples Resort Semi-Formal** Standards (Standards which have been set by a sample of 1000 Guests of the Resort in 2012.  Standards definitely not because we are stuffy, but because everyone loves to dress up.  Remember we are all down to earth here (the benefit of being here at Algonquin).

"For many men and women, a dress code is something to be embraced. At its core, a dress code sets a mood and a tone; it makes an evening special. It ensures that all of the effort that you put into how you look--the money, the time, the thought, the energy--is rewarded by the explicit acknowledgement of the restaurant that you are "worthy" of your meal by respecting the efforts put in by the owners and the staff. The lavish ornamentation that makes a restaurant sparkle translates to people too; the glitzy jewelry on your neighbor's wrist might do battle with the crystal stem ware  for your attention. The glamour of fine dining, the polish of the silverware, the fizz of the champagne, is heightened--so the theory goes--by what people are wearing. And this, at least at the fanciest restaurants, is the status quo."

Lunch and Breakfast is casual dress, wear what you like.

What are the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner hours?

Dinner: Seating starts at 6:00pm and last seating at 8:00 pm (9:00pm on Fridays) (tipping and delivery Charges for in-room dinner is all-inclusive)
Breakfast: Open from 8:30am - 10:30am Table served or in-room served (tipping and delivery Charges for in-room breakfast is all-inclusive)
Lunch: Open from 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Are meals included in the price?

A 5 course gourmet dinner and breakfast are included in the prices.
Lunch we offer from 12 noon to 4:30pm at an additional charge, or eat while you are out and about.

Is Tipping Required?

We are an All-Inclusive Resort, so Tipping is in the Prices.  We wish that you would rather indulge in another Spa appointment, participate in one more sport activity, have another delicious bottle of wine, spoil oneself with extending the stay another night, come back again during the next year, or tell a friend(s) about us.....any of these will help all of the Resort's working team (many of the Team have been here 10 to 30 years), far more than tipping would.  This Policy insures that we can provide better quality service throughout the Resort for years to come, thank you.

Do you accept Pets?

We do not accept pets of any kind. However ask your Doctor for a "Certificate for a Therapy Pet" and then you can take and do what you wish in Ontario with your Pet, I understand many Doctors provide them easily, similar as we heard of many Doctors giving Medical Cannabis Certificates easily for anyone that wanted them.  .  The Adventure Lodge www.AdventureLodge.com which is about 4 km away from us, accepts pets. Adventure Lodge prices also include Dinner and Breakfast and we recommend them for an Authentic Canadian Experience,,,,Rustic 0-Star, yet Luxurious!

What is your Check in and Check out times?

Check in time is 4 pm - 5 pm and check out is at 11 am.

What does all-inclusive Mean?

Confirmation Price Includes: Rooms rates and all Government Taxes.  A 5 course gourmet dinner and breakfast are included in the prices. All-Inclusive means Tipping is included. A variety of sports equipment is provided at no extra charge

See packages page for other charges that may apply not found on your confirmation email.

See Booking Page for Cancellation, Reservations & Booking information policies.

What Amenities are in the Rooms?

To view Amenities chart click here

Is there internet available?

Yes. FREE High Speed, plenty enough for streaming NETFLIX and working on VPN's.
NEW as of January 1st 2018 we are running Fiber-Optics to the Resort. 
We are the only Resort in Canda running Direct Fiber-Optic connectivity, at a cost to the Resort of over $100,000 per year, for you, please enjoy!

Is there music in the rooms?

All rooms have an Alarm Clock and a Blue Ray player for Cd's, DVD, and BlueRays.

When is the outdoor pool open?

Outdoor Thermal Saltwater Pool
Open May long weekend untill Labour Day or weather depending into late September

How do I get to The Couples Resort?

Get directions click here. do not use GPS it will take you down the wrong roads

What's the weather forecast?

You can find out what the weather forecast is by clicking here.

Where are the moose?

Algonquin Park has thousands of moose. The best chance of spotting a moose is along the highway 60 corridor running through Algonquin. The moose are not generally afraid of tourists, and will continue to eat along side the road. (DO NOT APPROACH A MOOSE!) Moose are most frequent through May and June when road salt from the winters roads wash into the neighbouring ditches. Moose consider salt to be a treat, especially when mixed with their greens. In the foliage months, taking a very early hike on the Mizzy Lake Trail also can be rewarding. Moose become rare to see in the winter months.

Why Thermal salt-water pool?

Purely for enjoyment; we want everyone to use it. The Thermal Pool uses the Sun to heat it and they both use an electro-plate to break basic table salt into the compounds used to kill bacteria, similar to chlorine, without any of the side effects. There is no smell, it tastes a little salty and is more like a saline solution, so you can open your eyes under water and it will not irritate them. There is no chemical reaction to the skin, hair or swimsuits. You will actually feel smoother after your shower.

What are the Sport Centre Hours?

Daily 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Where can i Buy your Products?

Buy Canadian Made "Marshal Mattress" Natural Euro Top Beds HERE
Buy Feather Down Pillows, Feather Matress Toppers, Feather Duvets HERE
Buy Organic Towels, Linens, Silk Duvets, Buckwheat (no wool) Pillows and Kapok Pillows HERE

The "Bear Trail" Dining Room at Couples Resort, Algonquin Park:

Recognized by Savour Canada as a significant contributor to buying Ontario Food Products.
We produce vegetable food products on site.
All organic kitchen waste is composted and used in our gardens.
No pesticides are used in our vegetable gardens or flower gardens.