Spring ~ Couples Only

ALL-INCLUSIVE ~ Romantic Getaway

Spring is in the air and life in Nature is coming alive with excitement here at Algonquin Park, a perfect time to take a romantic vacation at Couples Resort and visit Algonquin Park.

Whether you are a couple that wants to find that special time together uninterrupted or as a gift to someone special in your life, this experience will bring you closer together, and that is what life is all about.

The resort sits at the edge of a tiny Village, Whitney, and on a gorgeous Algonquin Park Lake, Galeairy Lake. This Lake is 11 km long, Semi-Private and 95% undeveloped so it is great for discovering hidden bays and exploring what nature has to offer along the shorelines.

Couples Resort is All-Inclusive and you will enjoy romantic gourmet dinners and breakfasts in bed. Includes: Canoe, Kayak, Tennis, Mountain Bike and Hike the many trails.

Vacation with Nature this Spring, make it especially romantic by taking advantage
of one of our Spring packages designed for couples in love.

Couples Activities

Weather here in the spring can often be several degrees warmer than if you live near places like Lake Ontario as the ground here can warm up fast and we have no big Lake effect keeping air cool. Here you can enjoy outdoor hiking and horseback riding plus many other sports and attractions.

Moose Watching

Spring offers the year's best Moose viewing and you typically don't have to search very hard to see Moose. The application of salt to Highway 60 during winter road maintenance operations, attracts Moose to roadside ditches.

We provide clothing to keep you warm and dry, includes 100% windproof & waterproof pants and jackets plus polar fleece interiors, if needed. We recommend that you bring good hiking shoes.


Algonquin Park Spring

Spring in Algonquin Park comes later than surrounding areas as a result of the Park's higher elevations.

We provide free passes into Algonquin Park with your stay with us.

Algonquin Park's two museums, the Visitor Centre and Logging Museum, are open daily (see the Events Calendar for specific operating dates and hours) offering all visitors park information, plus outstanding natural and cultural history exhibits.

From late April into May, a select group of wildflowers called “spring ephemerals” grow and bloom in the brief window between the spring snow melt and leaf-out of the overhead canopy of trees. Once the canopy has filled in, very little light reaches the forest floor and many of these wildflowers go into dormancy until the next year, staying alive as a rootstock underground.

Motor Boats

Motor Boats: Free
14 foot Aluminium Fishing Boat with 6hpr Motor
90 Minutes Free Every Day.  

Italian Sundeck Boat, Steering Wheel Driven
14 foot with 40 hp Honda Motor
90 Minutes $150
Full day $360

Fishing Dawn Special: Free
14 foot Aluminium Fishing Boat with 6hpr Motor 
Free from Dawn to 9am Everyday.
Must pick up day before.
Trout, Bass, Pickerel.

Boats Limitations:
No allowances for cancelled appointment times.
No allowances for equipment failures.
Damages to equipment must be paid for.
Cannot be used in Conjunction with any other coupons or vouchers or discounts.

All Inclusive Packages   


Pickleball & Tennis

Pickleball & Tennis & Badminton & Basket Ball

  • 2 asphalt regulation-size Picleball courts with all the racquets and balls provided
  • 1 asphalt regulation-size tennis court with all the racquets and balls provided
  • 1 asphalt court for playing basketball
  • 1 asphalt regulation-size badminton court with all the racquets and birdies provided



Enjoy a free leisurely tour along the shores of Galeairy Lake and take in the beauty and subtle hues of Algonquin's spring colours



Horseback Riding

The horse ranch, operating year round, is a short drive from the resort with bookings made at our front office.



Biking Trails

The Couples Resort offers bike rentals as well as bike maps for four trails. Each of the trails are rated easy for all to enjoy.




Hiking Trails

 The Couples Resort Hiking Trails - On-site scenic hiking trails, leading to a scenic view of Algonquin Park, consisting of three loops, Lookout Trail 1.0 km in length, Bear trail loop 2.7 and Rail Line loop 1.2

Trail Map & Directions Available from sport center or front desk

Algonquin Park's interpretive walking trails are a great location to observe spring wildflowers.

Paddle & Row Boats

Enjoy a free leisurely tour along the shores of Galeairy Lake and take in the beauty and subtle hues of Algonquin's spring colours