Barter and Musicians

Who likes to try this one out? Do you have a skill that a 5-Star Resort such as ours, with all its facets of operation and care, would be helped by one such as yourself? Then we might have something to Barter. There is a saying “it never hurts to ask (politely)” please email us at and we will contemplate if we can fit you in somehow? Who knows maybe you or your spouse might think the idea is fun. And hopefully it will all be win-win-win!

Couples Resort is looking for superb musicians. 
Do you play solo, with your partner or part of a small band then we may be a great adventure for you.
Willing to play depending on your own availability.  Come play with us: once in a lifetime to a few times a year, from 2 to 8 days.
Musical talent would be for our Fine Dining Room with 23 tables of 2, where music played would be either Jazz, Easy Listening, Romantic, Blues, light Rock, Country, or Classic, or combo.
Each day: Evening Play is 6:00 to about 11:30 with breaks.
We have a standup piano, but strings and wind instruments would be your own.
Come as a Couple(s) and play and Indulge.  For each one night you play for us you can stay 2 nights all-inclusive depending on availability.
Contact E-mail: for details.  Pre-booking dates to play and stay can be done well in advance, However confirmed bookings to play will be last minute depending on resort availability of accommodations, last minute means confirmed bookings will only be confirmed within 7 days of play date.

From one Family of Artists to Another!
Sincerely Thank You
John Sorensen, Family Owner